bite san diego walking tours Faq

You probably have a couple of questions, especially if you haven’t been on a San Diego food walking tour before. We’ve got all the answers! If you're itching to ask us anything else, please contact us.
san diego food walking tour
Do I have to purchase tickets in advance or can I just show up with some cash?
Tickets must be purchased in advance, and tours often sell out! To make sure you get the time and date you want, we suggest you book far in advance (one month or more). Tickets can only be purchased with a Visa, Mastercard, or American Express. Cash is not accepted. Even if you hand it to us cold.
What should I expect if I take one of these tour thingys?
Oh, a lot! At the start of your tour one of Bite San Diego’s guides will check you in at the first restaurant. Then, you’re off on a 1.5 to 2 mile stroll which will stop at five or more restaurants. At each restaurant, you’ll sample the cuisine of the restaurant while learning about its food and history. During the walking portion of the tour, your guide will share interesting facts and stories about the buildings, streets, and culture of San Diego.
Are there other tours available?
Bite San Diego operates a number of tour routes. Go to the Tours tab, between the Home and Press tabs above and select from the pull down menu.
How much walking are we talking about here?
Each Bite San Diego tour covers a 1.5 to 2 mile route on flat surfaces. We are on our feet for most of the entire tour, but we keep the walking and stopping to a leisurely pace. This is San Diego - we’re laid back.
What restaurants will we visit on the tour?
We love this question! A list of the fabulous restaurants we visit on each tour is included under each tour route's tab, found under the Tours tab between the Home and Press tabs above.
I was thinking of bringing my nephew/screaming baby/twin toddlers. Good idea?
Nope. Bite San Diego is truly for those interested in foodie facts, San Diego history, and “grown up” food. Most of our tours are 21 and up, and we don't sell a kid's ticket. Click on the individual tour pages to check which tours are mandatory 21 and up.
What if it rains?
We operate rain or shine. However, San Diego is sunny 340 or more days a year. It will probably be perfectly sunny for your tour.
How should I dress during a tour?
San Diego is pretty casual when it comes to fashion so don’t feel compelled to look like you’re “going out.” Dress as you would for a lunch or picnic, keeping in mind you’ll be casually strolling for about 2 miles total. We don’t mind if you wear an “I LOVE SAN DIEGO” t-shirt from a local tourist shop. We wear those shirts all the time ourselves.
Are tour guide gratuities included in the price?
No, so if your tour guide is just fantastic and impresses the pants off you, give him or her a tip to show your thanks.
How many people can go on one tour?
The maximum number of people per tour is 15.
How much food will we eat on the tour?
There are six or more stops for foodie tastings on each of our tours. Unless you are a food vacuum, you probably won't be hungry for a big meal afterward. However, this is called Bite San Diego, not Buffet San Diego, so please be advised.
What type of food and drinks will we taste on the tour?
Oh, are you drooling yet? We thought so. A list of the fabulous restaurants we visit on each tour is included under each tour route's tab, found under the Tour tab between the Home and Press tabs above. Samples at each restaurant tend to vary, as the chefs like to change things up.
Wait! How will I remember what restaurants to go back to?
Don’t you worry. Your tour guide will provide you with a handout outlining the tour route and the names and contact info of the restaurants we’ll be visiting.
Are there any beverages served on the tour?
Yes, you’ll have the opportunity to have water at any restaurant we stop at. In addition, beer, wine, and other adult delights or even soda may be purchased at a variety of restaurant stops.
Do I need to be 21 and over to participate in the tour?
For most tours, yep. Click on the individual tour pages to check which tours are mandatory 21 and up. Sorry, kids!
What if I have dietary restrictions or food allergies?
Well, our tours are probably not for you. All of our restaurants are partners of ours and we cannot ask them to modify samples, which are usually showcases of their best dishes. We're sorry.
Are any of your walking tours wheelchair and/or stroller accessible?
This is California, where everywhere is a place you can wheel along! (Or else you’d be sued.) So yes, bring your wheels if you normally do and ride along with us. All of the surfaces we walk on are flat.
Are there restrooms available on the tour?
Yes. The tour visits a number of restaurants; therefore bathrooms will be available at each stop during the tour.
Are tours offered only in English?
Yes, we only offer tours in English at this time. We also don’t speak California Surfer or Stuck Up Foodie.
May I bring my dog on the tour?
Oh, we love dogs, but sadly, the Health Department does not. Please leave your pooch at home.
Is there public parking available nearby?
Yes, parking is available for every tour. When you book your tour, you'll receive an email confirmation which will detail parking options. For the Downtown tour we recommend that you do NOT park in metered spots because they have 2 hour limits. (And you don't want to run back to fill the meter with more coins!) For parking near the start of the tour in the Gaslamp, we suggest the "Park it on Market" garage located at Market Street and 6th Ave. Their rates are very reasonable but vary. Also, you may park in Horton Plaza Mall at 324 Horton Plaza which gives you a 3-hour free validation within the mall. (Just ask a mall employee where you can get your ticket validated.) Rates are $2 per 20 minutes thereafter. To park closer to our ending destination in Little Italy, try the Five Star Parking Lot at 501 West C Street. The handout you will receive in your tour also lists other means of returning to our starting point via trolley, taxi and bus. For the Coronado tour, you are able to park easily in the parking lot at the Ferry Landing for free, as well as nearby on the streets for just a few quarters. For the Old Town tour, the parking lot across the street from our first restaurant stop is free and wide open for guests. You'll also get parking tips after making your reservation booking.
Does this tour have anything to offer a native or local San Diegan?
Of course! Many of our guests live in San Diego. Locals often go on our tours to learn about the neighborhoods and the city in which they live. Besides, we don’t look like a tourist group, and we give you access to restaurants and info we’re sure you’ve never experienced or known before.
Are gift certificates available?
Yes! Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing gift certificates.
Can I book a private tour?
Yes, but you’ll need to contact us directly so we can set this up.
What about signing a waiver or something like that?
Yep, we do ask each guest to sign a waiver stating that you understand Bite San Diego and the restaurants we visit cannot be held responsible for losses, delays, damages, accidents or injuries caused by persons engaged in carrying out the services of the tours. Basically, hold yourself and tummy together!
Who should take one of these tours?
We get a hodgepodge of people. People who love food, people who want a fun afternoon, people who want to socialize and be outside, people who want to do something a little different. People who go on are tours are usually fun folks. However, if your family describes you as a "Debbie Downer," a "pain in the ass," or a "picky eater," then Bite San Diego is not likely for you. Plus, your fellow tour goers might make fun of you.
What if I need to cancel? Do you guys do refunds?
Sadly, all of our tours tickets are final. Many folks book far in advance and your spot is precious! Therefore, no, we're sorry to say that we don't do refunds either.