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Who we are, why we're awesome, and
why you're nuts not to join us on our San diego downtown food walking tour.

Bite San Diego's walking tours was started in 2010 by a perky San Diego native who loves finding neat restaurants and eating really good food. After years of chomping her way through delectable meals around the globe, she noticed her hometown of San Diego was indeed becoming more than a sleepy city of fish tacos and cheap sushi. It was therefore time to tell people that San Diego was on the map as a food destination.

Bite San Diego features the best walking tours in San Diego, which help locals and visitors alike explore the growing food scene of America’s Finest City via guided food walking tours. Our tours in San Diego are fun, carefree, intimate, and darn interesting! We take you inside San Diego’s exceptional restaurants so you can sample the cuisine making America’s Finest City something to bite about. We tell you the interesting history, insights and stories of San Diego so you can understand why this city and its restaurants have character.

Bite San Diego is also committed to sustainable urban-rural partnerships that help put healthy, locally grown food on our restaurants’ tables. We support San Diego Roots by making a 2% annual donation of our profits to this great non-profit organization.

Bite San Diego. Take a bite out of America’s Finest City with San Diego’s Best Walking Food Tours.

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